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On a Cabinet

Matching up dental blocks

To find the mitre angle
1. The wall angle divided by 2=
2. press tan.   (answer will be X )
3. X  times 5.5= Y
4. 3.88 divided by Y =
5. press inv. tan.

To find the bevel angle
1. The wall angle divided by 2=
2. press cos.    (answer will be  X )
3. X times 3.88= Y
4. Y divided by 5.5=
5. press inv. tan.

If your wall angle is     degrees and your spring angle is     degrees


Than your Miter cut will be     degrees and the Bevel cut will be     degrees

Just put in your wall and spring angles and press "calculate"
to get your bevel & miter settings

Bevel & Miter Angle Generator for Cutting on Flat

Of course you could always pick up the Bosch Digital Protractor with it's automatic digital compound angle finder it will calculate the bevel & miter cut to the spring angle you set.

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Calculated Industries 4065 Construction Master Pro Advanced Construction Math Calculator

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Larger Image

We all use the construction master pro, but this new version has more built in solutions and is more powerful. Check out the specs, makes me wish the one I bought 5 years ago would like die or something (not really).

Dimensional Math & Conversions  / Instant Area & Volume Calculations
Handles all fractions-1/2's, 1/4's, 1/8's, 1/16's, 1/32's, 1/64's
Easy Right Angle and Rafter Calculations / Regular and Irregular Hip/Valley Rafter Lengths

Larger Image

Larger Image

Portable Dust Solution System for Miter Saws. Easily position this mobile dust collection system behind any miter saw at any angle.

Miter Saw with Laser Tracking offers the most accurate laser tracking system available, in addition to Up-Front bevel and miter controls. Engineered for highest visibility, the Bosch arbor laser emits a bright, thin laser line that is visible throughout the cut, enabling the user to perfectly match the cut line to the blade kerf.

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Link to Amazon

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