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Installing crown molding (or moulding). This page of the tutorial and is a step by step photo essay on cutting crown moulding  in position to a ceiling that is a cathedral ceiling or has a transition or angle.
Refer to the basics page so you know how to understand the terminology and how it applies.

Owner Tutorials - How to install crown moulding
Step by step photos to help you when you have a ceiling transition or angle using crown molding
How to cut and install crown in position to a cathedral ceiling , transition or angle.

Owner Tutorials crown ceiling angles

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Here is a mock up I did, the crown running straight as if it was a horizontal ceiling

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The whole trick here is to cut the crown right side up and when you  bisect the angle from the ceiling use the miter, not the bevel.
The reason being is you are actually cutting the 52 degree of the spring angle from the ceiling rather than the 38 degree from the wall. Look at the image on the left, and it will explain it .. and if you don't get it just go through the step by step below.

Put your angle finder to the ceiling transition.
Here I'm using a Sliding Tee Bevel

The stanley sliding tee bevel

The pro-site protractor is a good way to find the accurate angle, you would just read the red line, the black is the angle.

For this tutorial I used the download below and printed it out.

Transpose that  ceiling angle line onto your sheet

The angle I got was 150 degrees the math is so I can get it to the miter saw table

Finally I want to bisect that angle. That is what I'll cut on the miter saw table you see to the right

Here is the miter setting for the 150 degree ceiling transition

Naturally you want to set the bevel, but it's at zero as above.

For the left side, top of the crown up, and miter right.

Holding the crown in position (see the basics page) while you cut

Get a set of crown stops for your miter saw, my onsite saw uses this Dewalt set

The left side in position at the ceiling cut on the bisceting line

Again, no bevel setting. This is my shop miter saw, the 10 inch Bosch at Amazon

For the right side set at your bisection here it's 15 degrees

Hold it in position the top up and miter to the left

The spring angle at 38 not 52 as you do with wall corners

..and finally the finish shots

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