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The Royal Treatment

by Jenny Jedeikin

Crown moulding is the ornamental touch that will take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Gordon and Mimi Whittaker don’t just dole out crown moulding from their trim shop, The King of Crown, in Santa Rosa they are passionate about the craft of adding decorative trim to where the wall and ceiling meet. They want to make sure the homeowners are just as excited about what moulding will do for their home. "The thing I like most about my job is that I get to be in on people’s fantastic projects and home transformations," says Mimi, who opened the shop with her husband, Gordon, three years ago when they realized there wasn’t a store in the North Bay that filled the moulding niche. "I especially love hearing stories about creative uses of mouldings—such as one woman who came to us to add moulding to cover up uneven paint lines."

Unlike many decorative home remodeling projects, adding crown moulding is an environmentally-conscious undertaking. "Our materials are almost all made from eco-friendly products," assures Mimi. "The MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, is made from wood fibers of farmed pine, which is harvested from fast-growing trees cultivated for this purpose. We also carry several lines of polyurethane mouldings, which are made from recyclable plastics."

After paying a visit to The King of Crown and tooling through hundreds of moulding choices with Mimi—from crown, to baseboard (which goes on the floor), to casing (which goes around doors and windows)—customers have the option of hiring Gordon’s construction business, Alter Eagle , to apply the moulding to their homes. "The hardest crown moulding projects are the ones that involve a lot of curves," says Gordon. He just finished working on a modern mansion in the hills of Sonoma County, which required several layers of curvaceous moulding that were illuminated by backlighting inset behind the trim.

Gordon is an expert when it comes to moulding and he can eloquently describe the historical development of moulding. "Crown moulding was invented in ancient Greece and was adopted by a Roman architect, who put moulding on all of his buildings," says Gordon. "The colonial style of crown moulding developed from this traditional style and it’s still the most popular style of crown moulding today." Gordon can help customers with a variety of how-to questions, and for weekend-warriors, The King of Crown Web site features a handy do-it-yourself guide that addresses the many intricacies of installing crown moulding.

Do Gordon and Mimi have moulding in their house? "We have a Craftsman-style home and it’s over 100 years old," says Gordon, "so I have put the classical colonial moulding in almost every room. Crown moulding goes with any style, but it’s a must with a Victorian or Craftsman style home. It would look bare without it."

"We are planning on remodeling our kitchen and bath, if we ever find the time," Mimi adds. "And you can bet that those rooms will have crown, too."

NOTE: We had to close The King of Crown due to the economic climate. We still do installations and can estimate and supply crown and other Trim work for your home. Messages (707) 823-5145 Cell (707) 481-5699 or visit our Web sites at or

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