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Construction, Decks and fine finishing carpentry.
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Building and Construction

Building and Construction

Building and Construction

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Building construction and general contractor

Construcion of family and guest suites, art and music studios, additions and granny units.
We also build storage buildings and sheds, outbuildings and workshops.


During the remodel we also added bicycle storage, a potting shed, a huge deck, planters, stamped river rock walks, new paved driveway and a hot tub.

Alter Eagle Buildings.

From the back yard shop and storage shed to a finished suite and granny unit. We have built and designed many styles to meet our customers needs. At our own home we built a guest suite that can be used as two offices or as it is now a guest suite with a entertainment center and covered porch.
Add a hooby shop on to your existing garage or a new building as a art or music studio. It's nice to have the seperate space to use and they have a great return on the investment for your peace of mind as well as a property enhancement.
Professional or personal use, think about it and give us a call.
We can also build for solar panel roof arrays.


A clerestory Art studio in Petaluma on a back lot. From foundation and framing through to finish.


A woodworking and hobby building in Sebastopol. This style traps heat in the upper section keeping it cooler in the summer

A design build for a hillside location. Under floor storage and good height for a carpentry shop. I designed it after the western monitor style barn and took advantage of the location for adding the carport work area.

The isometrics and plot plan for the project

Alter Eagle Construction, buildings to fit your needs from grannny units to studios and shops.
The San Francisco North Bay. All of Sonoma County, North to Windsor Healsdburg, West Marin to Dillon Beach and Bodega Bay, East Napa County, South to Novato and San Rafael.
We are located in Sebastopol just outside Santa Rosa and Petaluma, California.

A new technology that we would like to use in an upcoming build is the
solar energy photovaltaic shingles, an improvement we've been waiting for.


Oriented and built to house a photovaltaic solar panel array, this building is paying for itself. We've since converted this to a solar energy run music studio.

Sebastopol woodworking shop

A small gardening building in Sonoma County we built for a wonderful retired couple. I actually miss Gordie who was a world class sailor with amazing stories.

You really meet some nice people in this business. We've been extremly lucky in that department we always seem to get the best of customers.


An hobby building we built for Dr. K lot's of light with the french doors and skylights. A wrap around deck dutch hip style roof this one is a true board and batton.

Santa Rosa art studio & woodworking shop


We designed and built this rental unit in "found space" below the first floor for the owners to earn extra income.

A guest suite we designed and built for my own home. It was originally made for two offices but we use it as a suite for visitors and as a place to relax from the daily grind.


A great little home at home to get away to or for guests to visit, we love our "L'il House" and enjoy the covered porch all year round.


An addition to an existing garage, perfect hobby room for the Sebastopol knitting club.

Sebastopol Guest Suite

An inexpensive solution for an out door room is the metal roof we put over this patio in Rhonert Park.

Sonoma County Gardening & Hobby Shed

Smaller buildings can have a lot of different names this is what I refer to when I use these architectural terms for the building types that we construct.
STUDIO: an artist's workroom or seperate building.
GUEST SUITE: an additional separate dwelling unit on a property for temporary occupancy.
GRANNY UNIT: a small apartment accessory to a primary residence intended for family use.
RENTAL UNIT: a dwelling unit which is offered for rent, lease or hire.
DWELLING UNIT: a single unit occupied for having purposes and providing complete independent facilities for one or more persons, including permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation.
SHOP: a small workplace where handcrafts or manufacturing are done.


A simple slab on grade the owners just wanted a place to store tools and have a couple of benches for potting and working on their vegetable gardens and a little woodworking with a place to sit and enjoy.

See architectural building terms at the bottom of the page.

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See the remodeling page for some of the homes we've built and renovated and the historic page for hertiage restoration.