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I have had the pleasure to build many decks over the years. If you would like to see even more pictures and details about our outdoor living projects be sure to visit our deck website.

Location and Service Area

Located in Sebastopol our general service area is West Sonoma County and North Marin County
in the San Francisco North Bay region of California
Bodega Bay • Forestville • Healdsburg • Novato • Oakmont • Occidental
Petaluma • Rohnert Park • Santa Rosa • Sebastopol • Sonoma • Windsor
Licensed Bonded Insured - Building & Construction

Deck Building and Design Contractor

hardwood deck

the first site visit

design, draft permit

the deck cost

Decks & Decking
Design - Plan - Build

Our first visit we'll go over your wish list and offer our experience to suggest the best materials for the deck location, your budget and its use.

We'll determine an initial basic design and provide you with a free rough estimate on the cost while on site.

Licensed bonded insured professional deck contractors

Footings & Piers • Our decks are placed on properly sized concrete foundations, we don't use deck blocks.
Deck framing • Our decks typically surpass our earthquake zones minimal building codes to ensure your safety
Decking • With 30 years of deck building experience we know what materials work in the North Bay
Deck Railings • With the higher railings in the new deck codes the proper steel connections are more important
Deck Design • We've won awards and have been featured in national magazines for our designs

We design, draft the plans, permit and build our decks


composite deck

Composite decking is low maintenance we can use hidden fasteners in the field and is made using recycled materials.

Fiberon, our composite decking preference offers surface technologies with unsurpassed stain, fade, scratch and mold resistance and is backed by an excellent warranty.

Blended wood tones available

Trex is a customer favorite we have used in past projects. It features unmatched good looks and longevity, will never crack or splinter.

About The Decking We Prefer To Use


redwood deck

Redwood decking is naturally stable the deck boards nail down flat and stay in place resisting warping, cupping, splitting and checking. Redwood has an open celled structure and contains little or no pitch or resins which enables it to absorb and retain all types of finishes extremely well.

We only use construction heart grade redwood, for our exterior decking.
Con-heart limits the sapwood found in lower grades which can deteriorate your deck more quickly.

Maintenance: When sealed from the elements with a regular maintenance schedule, redwood
will have long lasting good looks and performance that can last a significant number of years. Our preference for the use of redwood is for vertical structures such as pergolas and railings.


Harwood furniture grade decking Ipe or Ironwood is one of the strongest hardwoods available, nearly twice as strong as oak. It is mildew, fungicide and termite resistant and can last over 40+ years. The tight grain means no slivers and it has no knots. Hardwood decking is competitively priced but due to the nature of the wood it is very difficult to work and takes time to install properly. Our harwood decking preference is Ipe (Brazillian walnut).

Because of Ipe's natural density and alkaline characteristics, many oil and water based coatings and finishes may cause reactions. This can range from drying and adhesion problems to color changes in the wood.

It is recommended to test any product chosen on several sample boards to determine compatibility. If the desire to maintain Ipe's rich natural walnut finish is required, we recommend applying superior quality penetrating oil finish with UV inhibitors, such as Messmer's UV Plus for Hardwood Decks.
Always clean wood thoroughly prior to any product application and allow wood to dry completely for at least 24 to 48 hours. Ipe can be pressure washed at up to 2500psi without damaging the surface fibers.
We recommend applying the finish approximately 6-8 weeks after installation is complete. This allows for the original mill glaze to wear away making it possible for the oil finish to penetrate effectively into the wood. You can use a mill glaze reducing product to speed up the process. Ask your supplier for a recommendation.
Ipe will weather to a beautiful silver gray over a period of time, there is no maintenance required and it will not effect its durability. We do, however, recommend applying a water seal product, such as Seasonite, to protect from stains during the graying process.

Water-repellant finishes (not just water resistant) with UV protection and a mildewcide offer the most protection, while slightly tinted stains will last longer than completely clear finishes. Oil-based stains are recommended.
Refinishing may be necessary every 3 to 5 years. Color in pigmented stains may wear away gradually after weathering. New structures built with unseasoned wood should air-dry one month before finishing.

Exterior Finishes Not Recommended

Varnishes and polyurethanes crack and pool when used for exteriors.

Pure oil-treatments such as boiled linseed oil, are not recommended on exterior redwood as they tend to promote mildew growth. Quality oil-based finishes, including those based upon linseed oil, contain mildewcides, and are appropriate for use on exterior redwood.

Pergola - Deck Enhancements - Porch

redwood pergola
Deck Lighting
Solar, low-voltage & tied into the home on dimmers or motion.
Outdoor Kitchen
It's important that the gas and electrical for these are done by pros.
Pegola, trellis, arbor, shelter & porch
Exterior shade & shelter areas. Typically we use redwood for pergolas, and custom metal roofing for shelters. Porches are matched to the home.
Benches, Tables & Planters
Redwood and composite seating Fixed or moveable. Redwood Planters.
Hot Tubs & Spas
Decks designed to carry spa loads and permited for added electrical
Windbreaks & Privacy
Often decks in the valleys or by the coast need shelter
Wheelchair Access
Ease of movement decks. Entrance access ramps & bridges

Visit our deck site for more about our deck building practices and projects

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For the detailed estimate we draft the design for structure and provide the exact cost. We charge $300 for that and rebate half back on start up.

Once the design and cost is agreed upon for contract we get permits when required.

We build decks with materials suited to location. We use the finest con-heart redwood, ipe hardwood and a composite made here in the US that I used at my own home.

I design the structure over minimum code for our seismic zone and use framing with a higher treatment content.

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